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do you want to know who your target audience isWhen starting a blog there are so many questions that you have to think about. Like who is your target audience and how do I find them?

One of the most important but yet overlooked steps in blogging is knowing who your target audience is.

When I first started blogging I completely skipped this step. I knew that I should do some research first, but I was so excited to start blogging that I figured that I would find out as I blog.

Guess what happened? I never took the time to find out, so I lost interest in blogging and left for a few years. I just didn’t know who I was writing to.

Ok, So What Does Target Audience Mean?

ideal audienceAs it relates to blogging, your target audience will be the people that come to your blog to read it. They are a group of people that are interested in your niche or your blog topic.

That is why it’s important to have a specific topic and not blog about everything. You don’t want to be talking about how to play baseball one day and the next day interior decorating.

It is better to focus on one general topic like interior decorating. Whoever comes to your blog will most likely be into interior decorating. It will be easier to sell interior decorating products to this audience.

Why Is a Target Audience Important?

I’m going to give you an analogy of two shop owners. One shop owner (#1) doesn’t bother to take an interest in their customers and just pays attention to when they come to the cash register.

The other shop owner (#2) casually looks around and notices what their customers are looking at and what they are buying. Then they start to make adjustments to their store and start stocking different items and changing the look of the store to suit their customers.

Which one do you think will do better financially?

It will almost always be shop owner #2. It’s because they pay attention to their customers needs. They also put products in their store that they are noticing that their customers like.

This is why you can’t generalize. You need to know who your target audience is.

So How Do You Find Your Target Audience?

Finding your target audience takes a little bit of research but it should help your blog greatly.

Go to Google and Research Statistics in Your Niche

For example, if you are in the knitting niche then most likely your target audience will be mostly female. You can confirm this by going to Google and search for terms like “knitting statistics” or “the target audience for knitting.” Try different search terms to get those statistics.

We all write about different topics, so with that in mind we know that each blog topic will have different target audiences.

What you are trying to find are statistics so that you know who your target audience is. You want to know these factors so that it helps your blog grow.

What Statistics Should You Be Looking For?

  • What is the gender of your target audience? Female or male?
  • What is their age range?
  • Are they married?
  • Do they have kids?
  • What is their income level?
  • What is their education level?
  • What is their cultural background?
  • What is their occupation?
  • What is their spirituality or religion?
  • Find out their interests
  • Values
  • Lifestyle
  • Country or location
  • Hobbies
  • Passions
  • Goals
  • What makes them happy or sad? Or their frustrations?
  • Where do they socialize online?

target audienceGender

Knowing if your target audience is male or female or both, is very important. It can affect what colours you choose for your blog and how you write your articles.

For example, if you know your target audience is mostly Moms then you are going to write like a Mom.

Age Range

Now you want to be writing to the age range that is usually in your target audience. You don’t want to be using terms like “Hay dude” if it’s not within your target audience age range.

I’m not suggesting that you write like that, but you should know the approximate age range of the people coming to your blog.

Are they Married and Do They Have Kids

For example, if you want to target singles but all you write about is your marriage and kids then most likely your target audience can’t relate with you.

On the other hand, if you are a Mom, struggling to juggle marriage and kids then this target audience will most likely relate to you.

What Is Their Income Level and Education Level?

If you want to market to people then you need know their income level. Also you want to write at a certain level as well.

For example, can your target audience afford that designer jewellery that you might market to them? Or do you need to market to a different audience? I don’t know anything about designer jewellery. I was just giving you an example.

Or is your writing so advanced that the average person is having a hard time understanding it?

Keep this in mind when you write your blog articles.

What Is Their Cultural Background?

According to what blog topic you pick, cultural background does play a role when you are blogging.

If you are marketing a famous cultural recipe, then most likely it will be very important. It might also be important in other blog topics as well. It all depends on what blog topic you choose.

What Is Their Occupation?

For example, you might want to cater to stay at home Moms. Having a rough idea of what your target audience occupation is can only help you.

What Is Their Spirituality or Religion?

According to what blog topic you pick, this might affect how you write your articles.

What Are Their Interests, Hobbies, Passions, Goals, Values and Lifestyle?

All these factors help you relate and write to your target audience.

Know Their Country or Location

If you are going to be writing about something that mostly relates to a certain country or location then of course make sure you know where your target audience is from. Plus overall it generally helps to know this as well.

Know What Makes Them Happy, Sad or What They Are Frustrated About

Most likely you can relate to your target audience, so you will know what makes them happy, sad or what frustrates them.

What do they find challenging?

Talk about the good and help them solve their challenges. If you help, then most likely they will buy from you later on. But helping them first should always be your priority and then if you have a helpful product to sell, then you might want to do that second.

Go Online and Search Where Your Target Audience Socializes

Are you in a video game niche and everyone goes to a certain forum to discuss how to finish a game? Then go there, join up and you will certainly start to know who your target audience is.

You can find your target audience by going to forums, Facebook groups and generally social media platforms. They will all show you who your target audience is for a certain niche.

Install Google Analytics on Your Blog

Wow, Google analytics can really help your blog in many ways. Not only does it tell you how many people are visiting your blog, but it also goes into more details like what location they are from, etc…

So you don’t want to forget to install Google Analytics on your blog from the beginning. You can use this data to help you analyse your visitors. This is a very normal thing to do when you are blogging. It helps you understand your audience.

You Can Do Surveys

If you really want to know more about your target audience, then just do a survey through your email or on your blog.

Look at Your Competition

Go to Google and research your competition. Look at what they are doing, but don’t copy it. Create your own unique brand that you will be proud of.

Don’t try to be anybody else. Just be yourself. Let your personality shine through.

Ask Your Email List

When you start email marketing, just ask your email subscribers what topics they are interested in. Once you know you can write helpful blog articles.

Once You Know Who Your Target Audience Is Create a Customer AvatarIdeal customer pictures

This is a visual profile of your ideal customer. I know this might sound extreme, but actually creating an ideal customer profile will help you write your blog articles.

Take all those demographics (like gender, age, etc…) and come up with your ideal customer profile. Visually imagine how they would look.

When you write your blog articles it’s like talking to a friend. You want to visualize this person that you are writing to.

Knowing Your Target Audience Helps You:

Sell Products That Your Customers Will Buy

If you know what problems your target audience has and then come up with a solution to their problems, most likely they will end up buying from you.

It takes more giving to them then receiving in order to make a sale. So you can give free printables when they join your email list and really helpful advice in your blog articles as well.

Have Laser Focus Because You Created a Customer Avatarvarious people with the words customer avatar - who is your target audience

Not having a visual image of the person you are writing to can affect your writing. So creating a customer avatar can help you visualize your ideal customer.

Once you know who you are writing for, it makes writing blog articles so much easier.

Create Your Brand

Knowing who your readers are helps you create your brand (which is the next article). Creating your brand determines your mission statement, your logo, your colour scheme and overall the direction you want to take your blog.

Grow Your Blog and Email List

Your target audience will help grow your blog and email list, because you found the right people who are interested in what you have to say. This usually happens if you actually help them through your articles and products. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times it can take a long time.

If you put a “call to action” at the bottom of every blog post you can also find out more about what your target audience likes. In a lot of my blog posts my call to action is asking for a blog comment.

A call to action could mean signing up to an email list or even suggesting a product.

Phew, this was a long article about knowing who your target audience is. I hope it helped you. Let me know in the comments below if you found it helpful. Thanks!