My Resources or Blogging Resources

When you are starting to make a blog it helps to know a few blogging resources or tools that can help you on your journey. Or even if you are an experienced blogger you never know you just might find something helpful below.

Most of the tools are my personal favourites that I use and others are just overall recommended if you are just starting out. So take a look and see if you find any blogging resources and tools that might help you!

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Web Hosting

Bluehost (affiliate link) is a web hosting that is actually recommended by! When you type into Google the search term “web hosting” they are always usually in the top 10 spots after the Google ads. When you purchase web hosting from them they usually will give you a free domain name and a free SSL certificate.

Purchasing Domain Names

Domain names or extensions

Namecheap – Most of the time you can buy domain names a little bit cheaper from a thirty party website like Namecheap than from your web hosting company. But you should first know how to make that domain name point to your web hosting before you start buying any domain names from anyone other than your web hosting company.

It’s a pretty easy thing to do and the new domain name can be pointing to your web hosting within a few hours or even a day. Why I like Namecheap is because they give you a free feature called “WhoisGuard Privacy Protection” or domain privacy. A lot of other companies charge an extra fee for this feature, so you end up saving even more money. I always use domain privacy on any domain I purchase.

WordPress Themes

Bluchic Ad for their WordPress Themes

The two theme companies that I like and use on my blogs are: Bluchic themes (affiliate link) and myThemeshop themes (affiliate link). They both produce great themes that have unique qualities. I will have an article coming in the future taking more about the WordPress themes that I like. There are so many wonderful WordPress themes out there, but those are the ones that I use.


Free Software Each Day

Giveaway of the Day – I just love that site! They give away a free software program each day for your laptop, android phone, iphone and they even give away a game!

You just have to subscribe and a notice will come into your email each day letting you know the current give away for that day. They also have an android app. You can only download it on that current day and then it moves on to the next giveaway for the next day.

Great Internet Marketing Deals

Ok, this website blows my mind. It’s called (my referral link). And I’m not just saying it because my referral link is there. Wow, I’ve gotten some mind blowing deals there! When I first bought something there I thought,”No, this can’t be real. They are giving me a lifetime membership to say website “X” for a one time price?”

What blew my mind is that I got a deal from a website which I will call “X” and they are known to charge $39/month for their services. An Appsumo deal from website “X” came up and I got a lifetime deal from that company for a one time payment of $49! It’s deals like that why I go there! Sometimes the deals at Appsumo last for weeks and others sell out quickly. Just letting you know it’s not always there forever. If you are lucky they might bring back the same deal later on or they might not.

Keyword Research Tools (affiliate link)- this is a free keyword research tool that I discovered online. It’s absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how many words it gives you when you search it. It gives so much and it’s free!

Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool – this one is helpful as well. If you log in you are able to get even more searches.