How to Start a Blog

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  • What's a Domain

    What’s A Domain Name? For Beginner Bloggers

    If you are thinking about starting a website or blog, the first step is understanding what a domain name is. Ok, So What’s A Domain Name? A domain name is simply a “location” or an “address” on the internet where people can find you. However, you still need to create a website for people to […]


  • What Is Branding?

    What Does Branding Mean in Blogging and Why Should You Do It?

    When I first started blogging, I never thought about branding which was a mistake. I had to start my blog all over again once I did. Ok, so what does branding mean anyway? It doesn’t mean using an iron on cattle. Hint, it’s something that’s a great practice to do when you first start blogging. […]


  • do you want to know who your target audience is

    Do You Want to Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

    When starting a blog there are so many questions that you have to think about. Like who is your target audience and how do I find them? One of the most important but yet overlooked steps in blogging is knowing who your target audience is. When I first started blogging I completely skipped this step. […]


  • words do you want to know what is a niche

    Do You Want To Know What Is a Niche and How To Find A Niche?

    I know you often hear the term “niche”, but you are here because you are wondering what does “niche” mean? So I’m going to explain what niche means as it relates to blogging and how to find a niche. This is my definition, so if you want to be extra sure you can double check […]


  • Words the beginners guide to blogging words

    The Beginners Guide to Blogging Words

    So are you thinking of starting a blog? Then it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some blogging words before you get started. You might notice some specific blogging terms that are related to a blog and others are just general blogging definitions. I tried to make these blogging definitions as simple as […]


  • a hand holding a sign that says 7 blogging mistakes to avoid

    7 Juicy Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

    So you want to become a great blogger right? Well you need to know what blogging mistakes to avoid in order to succeed. You will find that people love to tell you their success stories but they will rarely tell you their failures. Today I will share my failures so that you can succeed. Here […]


  • A sign saying "Are you wondering shoud I start a blog?

    Are You Wondering “Should I Start a Blog?”

    Gosh, I love blogging but you are right to be wondering if you should start a blog. There is more to it than you know. Take this “Should I Start a Blog Quiz” below: Answer the questions with a Yes or a No. Then add up all the “Yeses” and all the “Noes.” Can you […]


  • Best Blogging Platform to Earn Money

    The Best Blogging Platform To Earn Money Is?

    The best blogging platform to earn money online is the one that you can fully control and for me that’s It is a very popular blogging platform. First you have to know why you are blogging and how you plan to use it. So you should do a lot of research before you start […]


  • Flowers with a sign saying the ultimate guide on how to start a blog online

    The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog Online

    You are going to be so glad that you came to my website! So you want to know how to start a blog online? You came to the right place, because I won’t leave you wondering on what you should be doing next. The only thing I’m going to ask of you is to be […]